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A forgotten picture reclaimed

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Squirrel Eating Yaupon Fruit 0636A

I’ve been using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III for the last few months, but after I briefly switched back to the 7D one day about a week ago to increase my telephoto range, I discovered that there was a never-downloaded picture from December 28th on the card in the older camera. It’s fun to find things that I’ve left for myself to discover, and now you get to discover it, too.

In taking this picture I had to shoot through window glass and foliage, and the light was poor, but I managed to get off a single shot with a clear view of this squirrel’s mouth as it bit off one drupe of a yaupon tree, Ilex vomitoria (the same species you saw laden with fruit in yesterday’s photo). Then the squirrel scampered off before I could take any more pictures; you know how quickly squirrels can move.

I generally prefer photographing possumhaws, Ilex decidua, which by shedding their leaves in the winter make a great display of their densely clustered drupes, but this yaupon, which for some reason has never produced a lot of fruit, had two advantages: [1] it was (and still is) right outside the window next to my computer  [2] squirrels were visiting it (and they still do).

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February 25, 2013 at 6:16 AM

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