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A 2012 retrospective

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Yesterday, just after I launched into a series of posts with some pictures from last year that I hadn’t shown before, Nancy at Living the Seasons pointed me to a post on the Scientific American website. There entomologist Alex Wild (what an appropriate last name) asked people to submit links to retrospectives of their nature photography from 2012. Nancy suggested that I might want to participate, so I’ve put together this post containing some of my and your favorite photographs from the year just ended. I was concerned that a few of you will have seen all these before, but then I realized I could add a couple of previously unposted images at the end so there’d be at least something new for everyone.

If you click on the thumbnails below you’ll be taken back to the original posts so you can read about what you’re seeing if you want to (the exception being the newly added pictures at the end, which will just enlarge).

Happy (re)viewing!

Click for greater size and clarity.

Damselflies Mating 0794

Click for greater size and clarity.

Click for greater size and clarity.

Frostweed Ice 1594

Click for greater sharpness.

Two Anemones Beginning to Open 0616

Click for greater detail.

Texas Vervain by Other Wildflowers 1070

Texas Thistle Bud by Phlox 5624

Click for greater size and clarity.

Ladies' Tresses Orchid 3617

Click for greater clarity.

Heller's Plantain Flowering 6119

Simsia calva Flower Head from Below 4134

Gaura Flowers and Buds 6843

Click for greater clarity.

Rain-Lily Flower in Colony 2472A

Click for greater size and clarity.

Click for greater clarity.

Small Palafoxia Bud Opening by Goldeneye Flowers 9156

Click for greater clarity.

Click for greater size and clarity.

Black Willow Leaf Spiral 1304

Click for a clearer picture.

Click for greater clarity.

Pearl Milkweed Vine Leaf Turning Yellow 3598

And now for the new old pictures. The first of them shows a standing cypress, Ipomopsis rubra, in northwest Austin on May 7.

Standing Cypress Flowering in Colony 5354A

The other picture shows Gaillardia pulchella, known as a firewheel or Indian blanket, with its rays strangely askew, also on May 7.

Firewheel with Rays Askew 5147

And I hope your eyes aren’t strangely askew after so many pictures.

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January 13, 2013 at 6:16 AM

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