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Color on an overcast day

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Click for better clarity.

Click for better clarity.

After three photographs in a row that look like they borrowed Rembrandt’s palette—January 7 is in January, after all, and it had been a mostly overcast month at that—here’s a brighter picture from the beginning of my work that morning. Normally I wouldn’t show you a possumhaw again so soon after you’ve seen one, also from a recent cloudy spell, but this view of Ilex decidua is different enough that I decided to include it and brighten up the somber sequence of the last three days.

As I said, it was January 7. I’d barely left home and had just turned onto a street with the great name of Lost Horizon Dr.* when I saw this colorful tree and pulled over. The street there was terraced about six feet above the level of the adjacent yard where this possumhaw had most likely been planted (as opposed to springing up on its own), so I found myself at eye level with the upper parts of the tree; in fact from my unusually high vantage point I even took a few pictures looking down onto some of the possumhaw’s branches.

Notice the dull yellow-green that the leaves had turned as this deciduous tree was getting ready to shed them. Note also all the lichen, something else that distinguishes this view from the one I saw on December 31.


* Thanks, presumably, to James Hilton.

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January 11, 2013 at 6:16 AM

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