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Possumhaw on the last day of 2012

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On the drizzly last day of 2012 we went to return a couple of DVDs to the Spicewood branch of the Austin Public Library. On the other side of Spicewood Springs Rd. from the library’s parking lot I saw some red that from a distance I thought might be the changing foliage of a flameleaf sumac, but Eve said she thought it was possumhaw “berries.” When I crossed the street to investigate I found out that she was right and that the red did come from the many small fruits of some possumhaws, Ilex decidua, that were just on the verge of shedding their leaves, as the species name says these smallish trees are wont to do. After driving the several miles home, I picked up my photo gear, came back, and took pictures until the continuing drizzle eventually led me to call it a day.

I’ve often enough photographed possumhaw fruits against a clear blue sky, and I’m certainly fond of that color contrast, but in today’s picture I like the way the bright red fruits and green leaves play off the muted tones of the tree trunks and the misty background.

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Written by Steve Schwartzman

January 6, 2013 at 6:23 AM

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