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Which way is up in this image? From the fact that trees normally branch as they rise, you might think that the picture is upside down, but that’s not the case. Here’s the story. On the morning of January 4th I’d come walking along the north bank of the north fork of the San Gabriel River near Tejas Camp in Williamson County, and at one point I encountered the remains of a long-dead and much-deteriorated tree, an Ashe juniper I think, that had fallen down and was jutting horizontally over the top of the rock strata that lined that stretch of the river. The embankment was just high enough that I could recline part-way on my back against it and still have enough room to lift the camera overhead to take the photograph you see here. The picture, then, looks straight upward. Now that that’s settled, we can go on to acknowledge that there were some wonderfully wispy clouds above me and above central Texas that Wednesday morning.

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January 12, 2012 at 5:07 AM

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