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Fall color in mid-December

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Cedar elm; click for greater detail and sharpness.

A week of mildly wet weather in Austin has coincided with the rapid appearance of fall color in some of our trees, so when the rain relented yesterday I went out under the still-gray afternoon skies to see what I could see after days spent mostly indoors. In parts of my neighborhood I found plenty of cedar elm trees, Ulmus crassifolia, whose leaves were turning their characteristic late-autumn colors of yellow and orange. The one shown here was in Great Hills Park, which you may have heard me say several times is just half a mile downhill from where I live.

Veteran readers of this blog have seen a cedar elm once before, in August, when I provided a picture of one of its brand-new leaves that reminded me of marzipan. For more information about Ulmus crassifolia, including a clickable map showing the places in the United States where this tree grows, you can visit the USDA website.


Addendum: I meant to point out that the green leaves in the lower right are greenbrier, a very common native vine with sharp prickles on it.

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December 17, 2011 at 5:04 AM

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